Coconut Mousse


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Organic Coconut Paste is a combination of pulp and coconut oil. Creamy form is achieved by removing moisture. The orginal, exotic, sweet and salty flavor is perfect for Asian cuisine and pastries and desserts. Coconut Mousse will be used in any modern kitchen, also vegans, vegetarians and supporters RAW diet, thanks to ist pure,
unprocessed and certified organic.
Ingredients: 100 % organic coconut pulp

Notes: coconut oil can produce white, the top layer – then the contents of the jar gently and stir.

Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Does not need refrigeraton.

Approx values in 100g:
705 kcal
protein 7 g
fat 60 g
– of which saturated 60 g
carbohydrates 26 g
– of which sugar 6 g
salt 193 mg

Country of orgin: Sri Lanka