Bio Super Neem Leaves 200g


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Super Neem is a BIO powdered leaves of Neem tree. Our product is 100% natural powder from organic source which means you will not find here any additives in the form of dyes, fillers, regulators, preservatives amd other unhealthy substances. Long known in Ayurdevic medicine in India Neem tree is believed to have great benefits for body. Folk Indian medicine believes it is a good remedy for all skin problems.

Ingredients: 100 % organic powdered leaves of Neem tree

Alergens: product may contain soya, wheat or gluten

How to use: Mix 1 spoon with your favourite smoothie, yogurt or juice. Add to cereals, deserts and salads. Eat maximum 5 grams a day.

Once opened keep sealed and store in a cool dry place.

Approx values in 100g:

energy  218 kcal
proteins 10,8g
fat  1,1g
–  of which saturated  0,4g
carbohydrates  16,8g
– of which sugars 3,2g
fiber  48,6g
sodium 0,1g

Country of orgin: India