Bio latte kakao chai 200g


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Bio Latte is a series of delicious drinks based on a bio coconut milk, sweetened only with the coconut sugar,
free from artificial additives & lactose!

Ingredients: bio coconut milk (97.5% organic coconut
milk powder, 2% maltodextrin, 0.5% bio fiber from
acacia), bio coconut sugar, bio cocoa powder 10%,
bio cinnamon, bio ginger.

Allergen information: Product may contain soya, wheat or gluten.

Store in a cool dry place.

How to use: Pour hot water to 4-6 teaspoons of powder and stir firmly.


Approx values in 100 g:

energy 2355 kJ / 564 kcal
fat 35 g
of which saturated  33 g
carbohydrates  54 g
of which sugars  39 g
protein 6,6 g
salt 0,6 g